Health and Wellness

Student Health and Immunization Requirements:  Please submit the required Student Health & Immunization Form, by the due date noted on the form. More information about the WFU Student Health Services, please follow this link: All students are REQUIRED to show a record that they have been given the immunizations listed on page 4 of the form. Students who do not have a record of these immunizations will not be allowed to begin classes.

Steps you must take:

  1.  Take the Student Health & Immunization Form to your physician to fill out the appropriate dates you received each immunization and have them sign the form.
  2.  Send your immunization records from a previous university or school as long as they are officially translated and signed.
  3.  Send any officially translated record of immunizations from your physician or local health department. Please be sure to receive any vaccinations on the list that you do not yet have prior to traveling to the U.S.

Students who do not bring a record of the required vaccines, or who have not received such vaccines, will be required to obtain those shots at the Student Health Center prior to being allowed to begin classes. For questions about this form, please contact the Student Health Services office at or +1.336.758.5218.

Student Health Insurance Requirements: All enrolled students must create a Student Blue account in order to request enrollment or waiver of the Student Health Insurance Program. Full details on the student health insurance requirement and the steps you must take can be found on their website:

Steps you must take:

  1. Visit the webpage – (or if outside of the United States)
  2. Based on your election, you may choose – Enrollment > Enroll Now OR Waiver > Request A Waiver
  3. The next step is to create a Student Blue account as a NEW USER.
  4. Once the account is created, follow the prompts to complete the enrollment or application for waiver.

Detailed instructions on how to create this account can be found on the Student Health Insurance Program website. For more information about the health insurance requirements for international students, please follow this link: International Students Health Insurance Requirements. You can also email the Student Health Insurance Office at if you have questions.